Matthew: The
Church's Gospel

The Gospel of Matthew has long stood foremost not only in the New Testament, but also in the Church’s teaching about our Lord. Christ’s words to his Church (as in the famous Sermon on the Mount) in Matthew cut uniquely to the heart, and it is nowhere more clear that Jesus is directly addressing us today. We invite you to dive deeper into the “Church’s Gospel” with us.

Personal Classroom

The Gospel of Matthew provides an online student portal that is clean and easy to use.  The sidebar helps you navigate between episodes, and the full Biblical text is included in each lesson.  As you scroll over the text, the video will float in the corner so you can keep your eye on both at the same time.  And as you mark each episode complete, you’ll see your progress bar at the top grow to match.

Close Commentary

This course is an extension of our overview of the Gospel of Matthew presented in our 4 semester Core Curriculum.  Students will particularly benefit in this course by taking the core program first, but are welcome to begin their St. Paul’s journey here.

As you enter the course, you’ll find the same St. Paul’s experience you know and love, with a few elements stripped down for a more streamlined experience.  Instead of a cohort model with exams and webinars, the Gospel of Matthew is a close commentary on the biblical text designed for individual use.  After reading the supplied passage, you’ll be ready to start the video commentary, but feel free to pause as needed to look a little closer.  It’s all on your schedule, and you’ll never lose access, so you can return again and again over the years.

  • HD Video Lectures
  • Full ESV Text
  • Self Paced
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Permanent Access

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