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St. Paul's House of Formation

Scripture, Theology, Liturgy, Patristics, & Church History - for leaders on mission.


Saint Paul’s House of Formation (SPHF) is an online curriculum that equips missional leaders with a solid-grounding in five key areas: scripture, theology, liturgy, patristics, and church history.

It is designed to especially serve those who are involved in on-the-ground active ministry by meeting them where they are with first rate education in the great tradition of the Christian Church.

Who is St. Paul's for?

Saint Paul’s House of Formation was designed by the Greenhouse Movement to equip Christian leaders while they are actively serving the church. Whether you’re lay or ordained, employed or volunteering, or still discerning where you fit best, all are welcome.

We all long for God’s praise of Job to be true of us, that he “has spoken rightly about me.” (Job 42:7) St. Paul’s was intentionally crafted to help you do just that. It contains some of the most in-depth teachings you’ll find, while still remaining accessible and realistic.

No matter how you found us, we would love to hear from you and help discern if St. Paul’s is right for you!

How Are We Learning?

Each week students are assigned a video lecture with an accompanying outline, comprehension quiz, group discussion guide, and occasionally additional readings. They are not turned in for grading but are designed to help you engage and absorb the teachings.

Cohorts are small learning communities at the heart of Saint Paul’s House of Formation. All students enrolled in the House will subsequently be enrolled in a cohort to process the curriculum with. Cohorts gather weekly to discuss and digest what they are learning and how it shapes their on-the-ground ministry.

There will be an exam each semester for each of the five subjects. Credit for the semester requires adequate completion of the exams.

All students are invited to monthly video calls with Fr. Stephen for a live Q & A session to ask questions and discuss what they are learning.

$ 300 Semester
  • Beginning
    Sunday, 6/2
  • Time Commitment
    2-4 hours per week
  • Supplies
    A computer (laptop, tablet, etc.)