Welcome to St. Paul’s House of Formation: The Gospel of Matthew!  This course is an extension of our overview of Matthew presented in our Core Curriculum.  Matthew has always had a unique place in the church’s heart and teaching, and we are thrilled to have you join us for our first in-depth study of an individual biblical book.

The St. Paul’s Team

We are excited to introduce you to our creative team for St Paul’s House of Formation.  Please reach out to us with questions or feedback.

Director of Formation: Fr. Stephen Gauthier is the Canon Theologian of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest and the man who will be teaching you through the video lectures.

Program Director: Fr. Alex Wilgus oversees recruiting and video production.  He can answer any questions around the entry process or video quality and formatting. Reach out to him at

Program Coordinator: Danny Linton provides website and payment support.  He can answer any questions around technical issues, classroom content, or the purchase process.  Reach out to him at

The St. Paul’s Classroom

Once you enroll in the Gospel of Matthew, you’ll receive access to your own unique online classroom, where you can find everything you need for the course.  Unlike the core St. Paul’s program, which proceeds along a fixed semester schedule, the Matthew content is all available immediately at purchase and is yours for as long as you want to keep it.  Feel free to pace yourself as slowly or quickly as you like.

The St. Paul’s Content

In the Gospel of Matthew series, there are 2 types of integrated content in each lesson: the Biblical text and the video teaching.

The Biblical text is from the English Standard Version, the official version used in the Anglican Church of North America.  As the core content, we encourage you to read the entire section of text prior to launching the video.  This will provide you with the context you need for Fr. Stephen’s commentary.

The second is the video lecture.  To help keep you in sync with the portion of Matthew he is addressing, the video will show the verse references in the bottom right corner.  As you scroll, the video will shrink and float over the text so you can view them simultaneously.  If you wish to enlarge the video, you can open the lesson in two separate windows in your browser.

As the lecture proceeds, you will notice that Fr. Stephen does not always repeat the text, so you may find yourself wanting to pause and read through the relevant verses again.  We encourage you to process at your own speed.  

Whenever possible, we recommend students complete the full lesson in one sitting.  As you will learn, the structure of Matthew’s gospel illuminates its meaning, so dividing the teaching into shorter snippets could obscure those connections.

Purchasing the Course

The sales price for the Gospel of Matthew both helps support the cost of the program, and encourages full commitment to the course.  Once you purchase the series, you will have access to it in perpetuity, but we ask that you not share your login outside of your household.

Payment Process

All purchases can be made on the Gospel of Matthew page.  
  • New students will need to fill out the purchase form to create an account.  After doing so, they will be redirected to checkout.
  • Returning students who already have a St. Paul’s account may use the link at the bottom of the page (below the purchase form) to go straight to checkout.
  • Core Curriculum graduates will follow the same process as other returning students, but should reach out to us directly first by emailing Danny for a $20 off coupon code to use during checkout.
Status Cost
one household $50
SPHF graduate discounted rate
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