Needs Based Scholarship

St Paul’s House of Formation is made possible by Fr. Stephen Gauthier, generous donors who give to support the ministry of the Greenhouse Movement, and students who invest to support the ministry while getting trained.

The student investment fee for St Paul’s House of Formation is $300 per semester, or $1200 for the core certificate (2 years). We decided to set the fee to be about a quarter of the cost of a formal seminary course.  

The student investment fee for Saint Paul’s both helps support the cost of the program, and encourages full commitment to the training. We want students to complete the program, and financial investment helps busy students maintain their value and priority for the program.

While holding all of the above about the value of the program, we do not want the student investment fee to be a genuine barrier to receiving training in the five key SPHF areas.  Scholarships are designed to enable students to enroll in St. Paul’s who would not be able to do so otherwise.

Anyone with a financial barrier to joining St. Paul’s is welcome to apply for a scholarship.

Only a limited number of scholarships can be awarded. The scholarship committee gives priority to missionaries who live on a fundraised ministry salary, but anyone with a financial need is welcome to apply.

The base student investment fee is $300.

The scholarship offered to students is a $75 discount, reducing the investment fee to $225.

If the $225 student investment fee is still a barrier, the student can suggest another amount they can afford for their student investment fee. The scholarship committee will respond with the final amount offered.

Yes.  St. Paul’s offers 4 other types of discounts.

Recruitment discount — $30 off

If you are a returning student, and someone you refer to the program enrolls, you may re-enroll for $270.  See our FAQ.

Spouse discount — $150 off

If you are married, both you and your spouse may enroll together for a total of $450.

Beta discount — $150 off

If you participated in the SPHF prototype in fall 2017 – spring 2018, you may enroll for $150 per semester.

Returning leader discount free

If you have completed a semester, and will be leading a new cohort through it, you may re-enroll in the completed semester free of charge.