Group Discussion

1. Unity in diversity

Recall (What did the teaching say?)Respond (How do you feel about it?)
What are some examples of common stylistic differences you may find in different Anglican congregations?Has this flexibility seemed disorienting or freeing for your relationship to the church?
Who is Anglicanism’s key founding theologian?

2. A different kind of Reformation

What were some positive and negative features of the late medieval church?
What historical experience taught the English church that they could take a via media (“middle way”) out of the Catholic / Protestant debates of the 16th century?Does Anglicanism’s attempt to reconcile the Catholic and Protestant positions feel satisfying to you?  Why or why not?
How did the English church reform in both directions?

Exercise – Read and discuss the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral 1886, 1888 (found in the “Reading” section).

3. “Both/And”, 4. Application to current challenges, & 5. Three Currents

How does Anglicanism have a special openness to other traditions today?How can we practically avoid posturing ourselves as “the one true church”?
What are the “3 streams” in Anglican practice today?How is each stream represented in your church’s life?  
Which one do you personally identify with most and least?  Has God ever met you in a special way through a stream you’re less familiar with?